Roosevelt Field Mall02I just received my brand spanking new iPad and it’s the bomb!

Yes, Steve Jobs called me earlier in the month of March and asked if I would review the iPad for him. I originally turned him down but after the incessant phone calls, emails and texts to my iPhone I finally relented. The last MMS he sent me with him on his knees, begging, was just pathetic….

So now I have been using the iPad for the last week and I have to admit, it looks and feels just like a giant iPhone. What’s the big deal??? I have an iPad already and it fits in my pocket. It’s called an iPhone.

Anyway… I have been testing the WiFi with 4G through T-Mobile. Yes, I know I jumped the gun on that announcement but I don’t have any obligations to Apple to keep their corporate secrets so check out the video of me using the new iPad!

Guess what I have been doing with my iPad?

For Starters it runs all my previous iPhone apps. Take, for example, my “Runkeeper” app. Instead of carrying around my iPhone to track my morning runs I can now take the iPad with me. It doesn’t fit in my pocket but if I strap it to my back it’s just as good and such a workout!

BUMP!” My favorite app for exchanging information between iPhones! Just bump your big ol iPads together and see what happens. $499 to exchange contact info. Surely it can do more than that?

My “Scanner Pro” App! I almost forgot! It’s my most heavily used app! The iPad would make a great scanner to scan in all my documents including the extended warranty for the iPad. Just one small problem….  NO FREAKIN CAMERA!

Ever tried hailing a taxi in NYC? With my “Taxi Magic” iPhone app I can hail a taxi from anywhere but sometimes they have trouble finding me.  Not anymore! I can not only hail a taxi but use the iPad as a landmark. Just look for the guy throwing an iPad at your windshield, buddy! That taxi driver will never miss you again!

So that’s my review of the iPad

I did get a sweet deal with Apple to give away 10 iPads to the first 10 readers who request them since Apple will have trouble giving these monstrosities away. The only condition was I cannot give them to family or sell them on eBay or use them as coasters in Starbucks. But who really wants one? No, Really!?!

So if you’d like a free iPad just email me and put in the subject, “April Fools iPad Special Giveaway“.