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Google Chrome w/Extensions for Mac

It’s kinda ironic that Google has put so much effort into their many projects with the sole purpose of taking over your desktop one day.

I am one of those people who uses Google Chrome, Gmail, DocsReader with the intention to move to another operating system one day quickly and easily.

If you have all your documents in the cloud, get all your email in the cloud and do all your web browsing in Google Chrome you could very easily jump into a new computer without the hassles of moving your files and settings or sign into a public one if your own computer is not available..

I’m sure Google’s goal was to attempt to break up Microsoft’s monopoly on the desktop and gain their own foothold. Eventually Google would have their own operating system that was completely cloud based and very easy to move over to. In theory if you used all Google products you could move from one computer to another by simply signing in to your Google account.

Ironically I tested that theory by moving to a Mac. I’m not waiting forever for the untested Google platform when the Mac has everything I need.

I was able to be up and running with Google Chrome complete with settings, bookmarks and passwords all intact in about 5 minutes. I did have to reinstall the extensions I was using and install my favorite theme but that was not much of a hassle at all.

So if your like me and finally thinking of getting rid of Microsoft completely, now might be the time. Chrome for the MAC works great!

Looks like Google just opened another door for users to move to a Mac.

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  • Bill
    April 27, 2010 at 4:48 PM

    I’ve tried chrome a few times and really don’t like it at all. No custom search, no home button (they got rid if it becuase nobody uses it. Well that’s me, nobody. ) No privacy (I really don’t want the tabs I have opened displayed as thumbnails on the main tab.) And the overall usability is just second place compared to Firefox (my browser of choice).

    I do like some of the other Google products though. I’m a huge fan of Picasa and Google Earth, and sometimes I use Google docs. I do prefer to work locally, so I use Thunderbird for email and Open Office for word processing/spreadsheet, etc.

    • David
      April 27, 2010 at 7:26 PM

      First off Bill, I have to add your site to the blogroll. As a person who grew up on Long Island I appreciate the effort any blogger takes to promote the Island and I will be using the site as a reference.

      But I have to defend Chrome. I really think Google has done a great job with Chrome. Chrome does have a home button but you have to go into the little screwdriver tab, then to preferences, basics, then check off the box that says “show Home button”. The browser is rated #1 in speed as well as security and you can browse in privacy mode where Google won’t record your browsing. http://www.product-reviews.net/2010/03/25/google-chrome-more-secure-than-firefox-safar-and-internet-explorer.

      Firefox is good too but I found I prefer the speed over all the add-ins firefox has. Although most web developers swear by Firefox. For developing a website, Firefox is second to none. Hopefully you’ll take a second look at Chrome. It’s come a long way.

      Firefox is incredibly slow but is the browser of choice for web developers because of all the add-ons.