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Explore – The New Option in Google Reader

Has anyone noticed that in the last week or so Google has added a folder in Google Reader called “Explore“? I decided to explore it.

With so much information being pushed through my Google Reader I rolled my eyes at having another folder to search through but my curiosity got the best of me.

I’m thinking that based on all the blogs I am currently subscribed to that the explore folder would be filled with stuff that I would find interesting.

I think it’s more than that! I think that Google is also taking the information from my searches, my Gmail, my Reader, the documents that I write in Google Docs and wherever else Google gets info on me and then figures out what I would be interested in. Most of what Google has sent to me has been incredibly interesting.

Take the Calvin & Hobbes short that I found in my Google Explore folder. Incredibly relevant as I have many hyper nephews. Are we actually doing this to our kids? Are we killing their creativity?

I have to thank Google for this one. There is so much more in the explore folder that is relevant to me. If you haven’t used the Google reader yet go over to the Google blog and check out what they are working on.

In the meantime if your still not sure what a Google reader is or if you should be using it, I highly recommend. My first blog posting from last March was done on the Google reader.

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