I stole the title. No really! I think the title is so appropriate.

I have always been critical of powerpoint, since, well, since forever. I used it in college and thought it dumbed down all my presentations. At the same time I was in college I was also in the corporate world suffering through endless corporate powerpoint presentations.

I have given maybe 3 powerpoint presentations in my life. I prefer to make videos and entertain my audience. That made my presentations stick in my audiences heads that much longer and usually got my message across better. I also got A’s.

For some reason Microsoft insists on bundling Powerpoint with Office. I just installed the student teacher addition of Office 2008 for my mac and there it is, staring at me. Powerpoint. A program I will never use and really have no use for.

In the corporate world there is a little saying. “If You Can’t Convince Em Confuse Em” and Powerpoint is just the tool to get that job done.

It takes a general in the U.S. Military to step up and explain how dangerous powerpoint really is. Thank you Brigadier General H.R. McMaster for pointing out what, to me, is the obvious. Powerpoint is useless. In the Military it causes deaths. In the corporate world it just kills morale.

So my message for the next generation of students out who will be joining me in the corporate world, please bring your energy, your new ideas and macbooks. Please, please, please don’t be afraid to use them. It’s a little stuffy the corporate world but by not using powerpoint you just might stand out from all the other corporate suits and maybe even do some good, one video at a time.

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