Panera Bread’s 30 Minute WiFi limit

Saturday I was having a working lunch at Panera Bread before heading over to Roosevelt Field Mall and a little iPad action. Time Warner, Optimum Online and Comcast all have wireless hotspots at the Panera Bread in Carle Place but I sat down, signed onto the Panera Network  and got down to work.

After a really brief 30 mins I was booted off the Panera network. Time’s up. “You gotta go” is basically what the screen that popped up told me. How rude! Come on now, 3o minutes was just enough time to respond to all my emails.

I quickly switched to the optimum wifi network to finish my work and even write up this quick posting.

The place was not that busy on this beautiful Saturday so I don’t think my one person was preventing people from sitting and having lunch but, whatever. It’s their prerogative. I understand they want to move people along and make money, especially in this economy.

Unfortunately there will now be people who stay well beyond the allotted time limit now that there are other options available.

So this is just a head’s up to those of you who want to use Panera Bread as a hotspot. Between 12-2pm you are limited to 1/2 hour of WiFi. You’ve been warned! 😉

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