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Will The iPad make AT&T’s Service Even Worse On Long Island?


The iPad with WiFi is scheduled to be released April 3rd  and 30 days after that the iPad with WiFi and 3G will hit the market. Will an AT&T 3G network that seems to be humming along on Long Island take a hit?

The iPad, being a portable tablet, makes it perfect for the NY market but especially for Long Island with it’s extensive Optimum WiFi network. I can just see people sitting in many of the parks located throughout Long Island with iPads in their hands, browsing the internet, reading email, posting to facebook and various other tasks that used to be done on a laptop.

AT&T has poured significant resources into the NY Region and Plans Call for an Addition of Nearly 40 New Cell Sites and the Expansion of Backhaul to Increase Wireless Network Capacity.

So on Long Island, as AT&T increases it’s capacity, already has the nation’s largest WiFi network and has access to Optimum WiFi, the largest WiFi network on Long Island, I don’t see the iPad having any part in degrading the network around here.

If your on Long Island this summer, here are the maps for: AT&T’s WiFi network and Optimum’s Wifi Network.

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