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WiFi Hunting – Uniondale, Long Island

WiFi Hunting

Today I spent some time, early this morning, doing some WiFi hunting in the Uniondale, long Island area. I updated my spreadsheet with the results. I was a bit disappointed in what I found.

I got up really early and did my usual routine by headed to the local Starbucks in Uniondale located on Hempstead Trnpk. The day started out fine as the local Starbucks obviously has AT&T access and is close enough to an Optimum WiFi hotspot to use either/or network. That’s exactly what I was hoping for.

As I was planning my day I noticed the Marriott Hotel across the street. Wondering if this would be another viable mobile office, I finished my coffee and headed on over. It’s the long Island Marriott directly next to the Nassau Coliseum. I went in and sat down in their lobby area, pulled out the laptop and attempted to get some work done. I found there were about 8 wireless access points, 6 were secured, 2 were unsecured, and those 2 needed passwords. In effect there was no access for a person like me.

Reckson Plaza Atrium

I then left and went across the street to Reckson Plaza. I was wondering if there was open internet access here to get some work done. I found that Reckson Plaza has a really nice atrium with an area where you could sit down. There were about a dozen tables with chairs located in this area and on the second floor there were 3 locations with sofa’s and love-seat’s that a person could sit down and work. I attempted to connect to a network from the atrium area. I found 12 access points, none were open to the public. Mind you, if you walk out to Hempstead Turnpike the Optimum WiFi signal comes in at full strength so I was disappointed that you couldn’t work here either.

As a matter of fact, if you drive up and down Hempstead Turnpike in this area the Optimum WiFi network can be accessed, at least that’s what my iPhone told me. So my next task will be to write a letter to both the Marriott in Uniondale and to Reckson Plaza, informing them that in this economy, they should offer access to one of the many networks they already have installed. There are many people out of work and this might just help them out. As for bloggers like myself, I usually spend money wherever I end up working. Usually on coffee and snacks. So could you open up some networks around here? With warm weather coming, job seekers should not be couped up in the house. Ya think?

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