I’ve spent months tracking WiFi hotspots on Long Island and usually what I turn up is AT&T and Optimum WiFi and these two have a huge head start. In the past I have written that I thought Cablevision would have a monopoly on Long Island if no other cable company attempted to blanket Long Island with WiFi.

Now as I do my daily travels I am finding Time Warner and Comcast are both entering Long Island. My favorite WiFi hotspots now have more choices for me to connect to the internet. As I write this posting from a Starbucks I originally used the Optimum network but had some trouble connecting. I switched to the Time Warner WiFi network to finish my work. So far these new networks are open to everyone. (Quick Update 4/3/10, Comcast seems to have secured their WiFi hotspots and are now open only to their subscribers)

According to my research the Time Warner WiFi networks are piggy-backing on the Cablevision networks and if that’s the case Cablevision will still hold a monopoly on Long Island WiFi. I’m not sure if Comcast is doing the same but I’ll keep checking.

So that’s my heads up for the day. I would love to know if anyone else is stumbling across open networks across Long Island. As the summer hits and more people travel I expect to find some real diamonds.

An AT&T, Cablevision, Time Warner, Comcast combo – Long Island is going to be the most connected place on the planet and I’ll be right here enjoying it all.