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Starbucks iPhone Apps – Yes They Have “TWO”

Starbucks!! iPhone Apps!!! Caffiene!!!

Is this site turning into a Starbucks commercial or what!?! I should charge this company for the many write-ups but they continue to impress me.

Starbucks has “TWO” iPhone apps. Yes, TWO! Why?

Starbucks standard iPhone app is a handy app if you want to find the closest Starbucks to you. The App will show you their menu’s, you can put together your favorite drink, get store hours, amenities and , in some stores, the app doubles as a small itunes program. That song thats playing over your head? Check your app for the name of the song and purchase it if you like. This option not available in all stores but it is in most.

You can even connect your iphone to your facebook and twitter accounts. Why would you want to do that?!? Well, you can make a drink on the app and share it with your friends on facebook or on twitter. You can invite a friend to join you at your local Starbucks via email or text. This app does it all but there is another app that I use even more…

It’s the Starbucks “Mobile Card” iPhone App!

This is the most useful app on the planet! Maybe even more important than healthcare reform! Almost… With this little app you can check the balance of your Starbucks card, reload your card, setup the card for auto reload with your favorite maxxed out credit card, and soon the payment trial option will allow you to use your iPhone to pay for your Starbucks addiction with just your phone. Leave the wallet home!

Yes, I have thoroughly tested this app and I have to say it works great! I have actually reloaded the card while waiting on line and the reload is immediate. I once had a $.76 balance on my card and, while waiting on a line, reloaded my card and by the time I got to the register the card was reloaded. The funds were available even before I got my confirmation email.

So… for my fellow Starbucks addicts, get these two iPhone apps. Just two more tools Starbucks has developed to get you spending more money in their stores. I need more caffeine…..

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