Registering for Starbucks WiFi


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Accessing Starbucks WiFi

If your on Long Island and still without power, this is for you.

Today as I was working at a local Starbucks on Long Island, I was asked how to access the WiFi network in the store. Actually by quite a few people. There were many individuals working from here today as up to 40,000 Long Islanders did not have power after a huge storm.  These individuals had ventured out looking for WiFi Hotspots. Everyone know’s Starbuck’s has a WiFi network but most people don’t realize it’s not easy to navigate the actual process of getting online.

There are two steps to registering for Starbucks WiFi and even the most talented computer savvy folks have some trouble actually registering. I have been in Starbucks many times when other customers will ask me how to access the Wifi network. Some of these people are running small internet startups and they still can’t figure out how to get onto the WiFi network. You do need to be a rocket scientist to register so don’t feel bad if you don’t figure it out on your own and that’s why I always log onto an Optimum WiFi Hotspot if I can. It’s much easier.

Here is the lowdown on how to actually register for free WiFi at Starbucks.

1) First you need to purchase a Starbucks card. It’s the same card you would purchase as a gift card. You can do this right at the register. Put some money on it and then use it for your current purchase.

2) Then go here: – Register your card.

Starbucks Login Screen

You can then sign into the Starbucks network. When you attempt to access the AT&T network a login screen will pop-up. At the top of the login screen you would enter your user name, at the drop down for network you would select the “AT&T WiFi” Network, enter your password, then check the box that says agree to terms.

You can technically do this from inside Starbucks since you will have access to the Starbucks website itself  but if you don’t know where to look you would never know that you have to register the card before you can access the WiFi. One piece of advice, register your card before you go. Oh, by the way, I wrote this from a McDonald’s. You just click and sign on. So much easier.

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