Nassau County has the fastest internet in the United States and if you lived on Long Island you already knew that.  Newsday is now confirming it at
.Psst…. Newsday is owned by “CABLEVISION“! ;)

But what’s coming next?

Cablevision now boasts the fastest internet in the country and, as you probably already know, is attempting to blanket Long Island in WiFi. (I have been attempting to locate viable WiFi hotspots throughout Nassau County to use this summer.) The combination of having the fastest internet and the largest WiFi network in the country is a testament to the Dolan Families ambition to make money. The first company to blanket Long Island in free Wifi is going to corner the market in internet access. This free WiFi is largely being ignored (unless you take a train).

As more and more people step up to smart phones, current cell providers capacity will be severely strained. AT&T is already struggling with capacity issues due largely to the iPhone. You really can’t get the full benefit of your iPhone or other WiFi enabled smartphone unless you can access a fast WiFi network. That network is being offered by Cablevision and no one else. If you are a Verizon customer you are tethered to their 3G network, nowhere near as fast as the Optimum WiFi network. Can you see the future?

As Cablevision starts to monopolize the market in internet access and starts raking in the money what will they do next?

In the past they have bought Newsday and MSG which includes the NY Knicks and Rangers. These were once proud franchises that were run into the ground so I hope the Dolan Family sticks to the Cable business. Cablevision could also start charging cell phone companies for access to their wireless network which would reduce their overloaded networks but could drive up cell phone bills even further. Can you see a future where cell carriers are charged for the amount of bandwidth their customers use? Cable bills go up? Cell phone bills go up?

Cablevision? Good or Bad for Long Island?

Only the future will tell. Cablevision is building a network with obvious value but what will it cost us who live on Long Island? Will anyone be able to compete with Cable to keep prices low? In order to compete with Cable you will need a viable WiFi network on the same level as Cablevision. I think Cable has too much of a headstart in the WiFi department and is developing a monopoly. That can’t be good.

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