White House iPhone App

It’s been a while since an iPhone app has surprised me.  As I was browsing thru the White Houses iPhone app I noticed a tab labeled “live“. It’s actually a list of live events that the White House will be broadcasting in the future and you can catch it all on your iPhone.

If you check out the screenshot on the left you can see that the President will be speaking today at 2pm EST. I didn’t know this but I can now follow and watch whatever is being posted to the WhiteHouse.gov right on my iPhone.

You can also check out the White House blog, view videos, photos and check out the latest White House news. It’s a great application that makes it easy for me to review all the information being posted to the WhiteHouse.gov site without me having to be in front of a computer and my Google Reader.

It’s a free application that all iPhone users should have in their collection of apps.