Here’s Why You Have To Be On Twitter

You know I loved the original “Shift Happens” and blogged about it here last April. This is another official update to the original “Shift Happens” video. This version was released 6 months ago and the discussion continues at

I noticed that since the first “Shift Happens” presentation that there has been a shift from stressing the changes in technology to highlighting the shift in social media. For example, YouTube has had more content uploaded in the last 6 years than the big 3 networks combined produced in the last 60 years. Twitter is in over 250 countries which no TV or radio station can match. We can now communicate with each other on a global level and all our little voices can be heard with tools like twitter and YouTube.

In years past “the people” (that’s us) did not have the means to organize and push back against propaganda machines. We now can, no matter how powerful the government or industry. Your witnessing that now with healthcare reform. Government and the Insurance industry is fighting tooth and nail to kill this reform. The people are pushing back.

Social Media is still in it’s infancy and it’s already breaking down barriers, breaking up the old propaganda machines and successfully pushing back against the biggest industries that time and again have shaped the policies of this country.

The government and corporate America are no match for this shift and even though the Supreme Court lifted the ban on political spending by corporations in candidate elections they have only postponed the inevitable. Corporations will spend a ton of money on their propaganda machines, our voices will continue to grow louder through the use of social media and in the end…. The next ten years are going to be very interesting.

And I now rest my case on the reason why you should be on twitter.