This is the iPhone app I’m playing with this Sunday morning. ;)

Visible Vote is the first and only application that allows you to cast a virtual vote on the same measures that your representatives vote on and then informs them of your position. Visible Vote is an unbiased and non-partisan service that aims to bring transparency to our representative form of government. Discover the most technologically effective way to advise, communicate and track your legislators.

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Once you fill out the very brief application, the app now knows where you live and pulls up a snapshot of your senators and congressperson. I can now tell each one of my senators and congressperson where I stand on issues such as Health Care, the Jobs Bill, the Stimulus Package, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act and so many more….

The app gives you a summary, in real time, of each person’s job approval rating. Obama’s is at 29%. Hmmm… got some work to do.

This just might be the app that puts government back in the hands of the people and it’s not just for the iPhone. You’ll find it for the Blackberry and the Droid as well as somewhere on facebook, although I don’t know where. It’s been out for a good 9 months but with so many important issues it’s time to give the app another little push! Get yours and be like me, get tough with your elected officials!

So this morning I’m starting my letter to Senator Schumer like this:

Dear Senator Schumer,

Are you still banned from USAirways? Could you send me some frequent flier miles that you can no longer use, and, Oh Yeah, I almost forgot, vote for the F@#$ING PUBLIC OPTION! And stay off twitter! ______________________________________________________________________


David Daniels

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