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I get this question quite a bit and the answer is “NO”! If you are an Optimum Online customer you get unlimited free WiFi with your internet package.

The same does not hold true for people who do not subscribe to Cablevision. Non subscribers trying to get onto the Optimum WiFi network will be considered a guest.

Guests will be able to access the Optimum WiFi network three times per 30-day period for a 10-minute session each time. There is a limit of one 10-minute session per day.

For guest access to Optimum WiFi:

Connect your device to the Optimum WiFi network.

  1. Open a Web browser. You should be presented with the Optimum WiFi login screen.
  2. Select the GUEST button at the bottom of the login screen.
  3. Provide your NameMobile Number, E-Mail Address and Zip Code, then click SIGN IN(for laptop users, you will also need to check the Terms and Conditions Agreement then click SUBMIT).

And that’s the scoop on Optimum WiFi time limits. If you have any additional information regarding Guest access, feel free to leave a comment.