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120,000 iPad Pre-Orders – Man Admits He’s Wrong

Come on! What are the odds Apple would “PRE-SELL” 120,000 iPads and on the same day a man admits he’s actually wrong….

I usually trust my instincts when I decide to make a decision on a product released by Apple. In this case I just might be wrong as I predicted the iPad would be a dud on the name alone.

It has been estimated that Apple has sold 120,000 iPads in 1 day. “Apple has been able to generate over $75M in 1 day on a product that 99.9% of purchasers haven’t touched“, this according to @Alyssa_Milano who I follow on twitter. She ends up pre-ordering one according to her twitter stream. I ended up reading the exact same article Alyssa read on my Google reader at CNNMoney. It’s a small world. ;)

I am a big enough person to admit I could be wrong about this product. I did originally state that the iPad would be a dud based on the name alone. I had a ton of fun with the name and suggested everyone sell Apple stock because of this flub.  Although the media and blogosphere had a field day with the name, the following day Apple stock rose considerably. Now they have already pre-sold 120,000.

I could be wrong…… :)

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