This posting is really just for my records as I am starting up a new category call “Job Search“. I have left my “job” in the insurance industry to pursue a “career” in the accounting field. I am pursuing an actual career this time around, no more job hunting and I have been at it for a few months. It’s been exciting, I’ve met a lot of interesting people, I’ve taken interesting part time positions to make ends meet, volunteered my time to help others, learned additional skills and have even freelanced. The last few months have not been easy but with a smile on my face and an iPhone in my pocket my days are incredibly interesting. :)

Today I woke up with numerous ideas for blog postings, some received via text, some via email but for today I wanted to start a new category of the blog aptly called “Job Search”. I recently submitted a question to Newsday.coms Patricia Kitchen who writes a column about the workplace, career and financial issues. All hot topics in todays economy. You can also follow her on twitter @patriciakitchen.

My question was,I have retail management and insurance claims processing experience, as well as recent degrees in accounting and business administration. Is it possible to break into the accounting field when you are fast approaching 40?

I woke up early this morning, as Patricia promised to have the question answered in today’s edition. I eventually found my question this morning after 15 mins of searching the site.  Patricia answered it as promised, the advice was good. I am taking the advice and weaving it into my job hunt game plan. Here is just one of the pieces of advice that was posted I thought was the most relevant:

Advice from Dana Terzian, corporate recruiter with Adecco in Melville:

“A candidate should position their experience as an asset and show their value as opposed to a recent grad. Work ethic, experience and overall knowledge of the business world should be key points of emphasis. An employer is getting much more than they pay for when they hire a career changer”.

The whole article is here:

Dana makes a very good point and I’m going to use it. It’s also new, different and refreshing to hear. Most of what is being published by Career Counselors today seems to be what I am hearing over and over. Network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, try to get in the backdoor if you know someone in the company you want to work for, ect, ect. The days of walking into a company and applying in person are pretty much over. Dana’s statement I had not heard before and I thought I had heard it all.

So my readers, you are welcome to join me as I to transition to a new field. Should be fun. I actually have a lot of incredibly relevant and timely notes that I have been keeping and will post them very soon but I am NOT turning this into a job search blog. Just one little category. :)

Peace out and be happy!