“Where is it all coming from?” All over! Some of my subscribers are even coming from Mexico. With that being said I’m going to start posting more with Long Island in mind. It’s a no brainer since I do live here.

First off, let me say that I have lived my entire life on Long Island. I have watched the Island change over the last 30 years and I myself have changed along with it. Unfortunately not everyone from my generation was able to change with the times and many of my friends did leave the Island for greener pastures. Some are still leaving. I have thought many times that it might be better for me financially to leave. My first choice was Los Angeles because of the weather. Good thing I stayed, California is bankrupt but so is Nassau County. Go figure.

Of course, from my generation their are those that stayed and did well, others that were laid off due to the current economic climate and some still stuck in the 1980’s version of a typical Long Island family, but struggling with 3-4 jobs just to make the mortgage payment.

Newsday is currently doing a series on “THE FUTURE OF LONG ISLAND” where they look back on a 1978 Newsday series that looks at the future of Long Island.  Newsday’s success has directly correlated with the growth of Long Island and it’s economy, but as I’ve explored in the past, times have certainly changed and poor Newsday’s success is about to change with it. Newsday would like to hear from Long Islanders who have witnessed the changes on Long Island over the last 30 years. How many of us are left? And of those left, how many of them actively blog? I might be the only one. If not I’d love to hear from you.

Newsday… Here’s my response with my own 3 part series That I will be writing this week: Childhood, Early Adult Years, Adult Years 2.0 on Long Island. The first part will post on Wednesday.