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Justin Bieber – Love, twitter style!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! The newest love song by Justin Bieber! What!?! Who is the kid?!? Looks like the kid we would have all been giving constant wedgies to. Whatever… He has talent, the music industry is making a ton of money off of him and rappers love to take him under their wing. A pint sized Vanilla Ice who can actually sing.

Yes, It’s actually a love song, folks, out just in time to grab money from your kids wallets. Let’s just see how long he sticks to the Bubble Gum pop. He is 15…

In this video clip you’ll see a lot of throwbacks to the the 80’s, some of the styles, lot’s of bright colors, the breakdancing, the tribute to Micheal Jackson… but with this new artist comes a new twist. The Bieber fans are huge on twitter (over a million and growing) and the mere mention of your name by the ‘Bieber” could make you a trending topic too. Recently Bieber mentioned Chuck Norris and the Bieber Nation immediately made it a trending topic. Gotta love technology.

Yes, Bieber is the FIRST pure twitter star who was found on YouTube and talks directly to his fans via twitter. He’s blazed a trail for other artists.  His Kingdom is on the internet, the sky is the limit and the girls love him! All just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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