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North Cove Marina – NYC

I only made this video for one reason and one reason only… I wanted to get a shot of the quote that is posted at the entrance of the Marina. It sums up the essence of NY very well

NYPL Main Branch – Video

For those of you who follow me you probably figured out that I hang out at the library a few times a month. The NYPL is by far the best library system I’ve ever used. It’s also the best deal in NYC as you have access to free wifi, the North and South Halls provide plenty of room to sit down and work or you can roam the halls and view the various exhibits on display. This month’s exhibit is the Declaration of Independence. The Library has a few copies… Read More

Twitter 101 – Using SMS on Twitter

I have been using twitter now since May 2008 when it was mostly an SMS service. Texting was big “way back then” and twitter allowed me to use my old blackberry to communicate with a large group of people via SMS or text message. The same still holds true today but most people have forgotten about the SMS beginnings of twitter and instead are now using some form of twitter clients on their computers or phones or the twitter website itself to send tweets. And that’s all cool and OK… Read More

Always Use an AT&T Corporate Store

This is my advice for anyone who is an AT&T customer or is thinking of becoming one… Always use an AT&T corporate store when buying a phone or making any type of AT&T purchase. Not all AT&T stores are the same and if you happen to notice your in an AT&T Authorized reseller, run the other way. Why do I say that? Authorized resellers are independent operators and their standards are not up to the same standards as a true AT&T store.

Panera Bread’s 30 Minute WiFi limit

Image by DVdaniels via Flickr Saturday I was having a working lunch at Panera Bread before heading over to Roosevelt Field Mall and a little iPad action. Time Warner, Optimum Online and Comcast all have wireless hotspots at the Panera Bread in Carle Place but I sat down, signed onto the Panera Network  and got down to work. After a really brief 30 mins I was booted off the Panera network. Time’s up. “You gotta go” is basically what the screen that popped up told me. How rude! Come on… Read More