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Thank You Readers & Happy New Year

I have to wish everyone a happy & healthy New Year and a successful 2011 for all. I’ve really enjoyed my time attempting to share some of the random tech knowledge I have floating around in my head. I’ve enjoyed the comments everyone has left this year and was very surprised at finding out just how much traffic has grown over 2009. The 2009 numbers were 3072 unique visitors and 9755 visits. That is a 70% increase in visitors and 81% increase in the number of visits over last year… Read More

Tech Tuesday – Protect Your iPhone on Public Wifi

It’s Tech Tuesday – Long Island has just suffered through Snowpocalypse and I’m spending my time trying to lock down my iPhone instead of enjoying the snow…. a typical tuesday in my world. Using a VPN on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? If your using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your computer maybe you should also have one installed on your iPhone. Here’s a quick video I made running through how to turn on the VPN on your iPhone…

Tech Tuesday: TODO.LY Free Simple To Do List App

It’s Tech Tuesday and I’ve decided to share my ultimate to do list app (still in beta) that exists entirely in the cloud. Forget about using those fancy high performance project management applications or, as your boss might say, project management “Software”. (Software is so 90’s) I have been using for a few months now as my primary task manager and since I no longer have a use for Microsoft Outlook this little guy fills in just fine as a task manager. I also prefer over Gmails

Tech Tuesday: Block Ads on Facebook With Google Extensions

It’s TECH TUESDAY – Google opens up it’s app store (I’m still waiting on Apple to do the same) and of course I have to immediately check it out. But my curiosity lies in what does Google’s app store offers that could work against their biggest rival, facebook? If you go to the Google app store and do a search for “facebook” there are about 180+ extensions being offered that could personalize your facebook experience and help you be more secure when using facebook through Google Chrome. Some of these extensions will even block ads on… Read More

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day

Today, December 10th, has been designated Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of this organization, both amongst bloggers and those that enjoy reading baseball on the internet. I happen to be in both categories. I blog part time for the and really enjoy perusing the many other baseball blogs currently being listed in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. As a Mets fan I regularly go to quite a few blogs and here are three of my favorites listed in no particular order: