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My Tech Cred is Shot! Or is it?

After upgrading my laptop to Windows 7 I was in awe at how fast the computer ran. I had given up on few programs like Microsoft Outlook in favor of the Gmail Cloud email client and I was moving most of my work to the cloud instead of spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade programs that just seem to always crash because they are such memory hogs. I was also trying to avoid spending thousands of dollars upgrading equipment that could handle all the applications I am running. Vista was also a memory hog.

Windows 7 seems to have solved all my problems… except one. I Could not seem to get my PowerDirector program to work. It worked just fine on Vista, although a little buggy and would freeze up from time to time on big projects. Well, to make a long story short, thank goodness I have a Microsoft Certified older brother who told me how to fix the compatibility problem. It’s such an easy fix I kinda had my tech cred ego bruised. ;)

I had been searching online for weeks for a solution to my problem and even contacted the software company directly. Their advice was to uninstall my current program and reinstall the most recent version of the software. Still no luck! Here’s the correct and easy fix and should work for most any program that no longer works in Windows 7:

1. Go to the program icon or .exe file and right click it:


#Windows 7 Screenshot


3. Click on the “Compatibility” tab where you will see a drop down menu. Click which version Windows you were running when the software worked. Then click OK and follow the prompts.  That’s it!

Windows 7 Compatibility Screenshot 2

    That’s my tip for the day. Hope this solves some problems you might be having!

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  • Judy Crimmons
    December 5, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    Your tech cred is shot. haha but dare I say I needed the hint too? Thanks.