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Heroes of the Economy

I tweeted this article just a few minutes ago, “Heroes of The Economy“, because in my opinion we don’t have enough heroes in the business world today. Most businesses worry about the bottom line and the workers on the bottom of the corporate ladder get saddled with either more work or layoffs. “Just be lucky you have a job”, is the new corporate mantra.

So say hello to the new heroes of the economy. I’m sure there are many more that go unnoticed. These are not just heroes of the economy but true leaders, willing to do their part to help their employees and the economy as a whole. The CEO who takes a paycut to prevent layoffs, the real estate agent who leased office space for free to small businesses since it was just going empty, the president of the oil supply company that offered his employees money to help buy new cars… the list goes on and on….

I wonder if any of this is happening in large company’s focused solely on the bottom line? This is a good reason to give as much help to small businesses as possible. Small businesses are the engine of our economy and obviously the real heroes of the economy are coming out of the small businesses. Time to give them the opportunity to offer affordable health care coverage to their employees too. Better yet, we should all start shopping at small businesses. Let’s help out these real heroes with our wallets.

I think more people should consider careers in small business. In my experience, the larger the company the more focused they are on the bottom line.

Special “Thanks” to Houlihan’s in Farmingdale for allowing me to work from here for the past 3 hours. I will vouch for their wireless hotspot.

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  • David
    December 2, 2009 at 8:56 AM

    Someone mention it’s a wonderful life!?! Fav movie of all time! Quick fact: The movie initially was a huge flop. Who knew.

  • Nadine
    December 1, 2009 at 11:03 AM

    You said it! We do need more people like these to help our economy. Kind of reminds me of it’s a wonderful life where George asks the bank customers to only withdraw what they need. That doesn’t exist anymore. Most companies just keep cutting and cutting to make more money. They just don’t realize the more money people have the more money they would make. I think companies should be forced to reinvest all their profits or divy them out equally to all the employees. Only in a perfect world.