Long Island

Weekend Review – Oct 11, 2009

I’m poring over the Sunday Newsday again, as I do every Sunday, looking to feed my need for current information.

What I got this week was a heartbreaking, 28 page story about Alzheimer’sfacts and fear about this years flu shot, the reaction to Obama’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize (mostly negative) and numerous other local stories involving robberies, death, financial scams and the like.

The LILife section has a breakdown of the legislative races going on in each district in Nassau County, Long Island, voting to be held on Nov. 3rd. The story titled, “Race for County Legislature” goes over all the issues we all worry about… Taxes, housing issues and jobs being the highest priorities on the list of most politicians. Mostly depressing information.

I settled on a story in the Newsday USA Weekend Edition with the cover graced by Hillary Swank. She dropped out of high school but went on to win two Oscars, urges: “Follow Your Heart”! She currently has a movie coming out opening October 23rd titled, “Amelia”, about the life of  Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer and first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic. Like the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart, Swank believes, “You can have it all.”

Hillary Swank

OK, why do I have to sift through the entire paper, including all the circulars, to find such a nice uplifting article about such a down to earth person who beat all the odds and became successful doing something she loves? Put that in the main section! Her story is a great inspiration and more stories like this need to be highlighted.

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