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How Long Does It Take To Upgrade From Vista To Windows 7?

I finally upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7 last night. I opted to download the update and install on top of Vista. I would not have even upgraded but the cost for the student edition is only $29.99 as opposed to the $119.99 cost of the upgrade version. The full version of Windows 7 goes for $199.99.

Was it worth it?

Windows 7

Yes! My laptop is running noticeably faster and there were even some programs, like Quickbooks 2010, that did not want to start-up under Vista that are now running quite smoothly. My powerdirector program does not want to produce videos anymore although I can still make them, just cant get them produced and uploaded to YouTube. PhotoShop CS4 works remarkably well under Windows 7 as well. Google Chrome is my browser of choice and works just as always.

I am loving the fact you can pin your favorite programs to the taskbar, a look that resembles the Apple taskbar, keeping your most commonly used programs front and center.

The upgrade did take some time to complete. I’m running an Intel core duo CPU 1.5GHz with 2gigs of RAM and a 32bit operating system. I also have a 180 gig hard drive with 155 gigs in use, mostly music, videos and pictures.

“At times the upgrade seemed to stop and get stuck but the computer was actually still working. I was tempted to stop the upgrade a few times since many other blogger’s have stated their upgrades took an hour or less. If you run into this problem I suggest you just let the upgrade continue to run.”

Total time for my upgrade was 4hours, 36 minutes!

How long have your upgrades taken?

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  • Trevor
    October 30, 2009 at 12:55 PM

    MIne took just as long. Good thing I read this as I almost stopped the upgrade my self, thinking my laptop had locked up. After almost 5 hours I have windows 7 up and running. Love it!