Last Sunday of the Summer :(

Earlier today I tweeted a Photo through twitpic from my iPhone. Here are some of those shots. I happened to be doing my Sunday run when I stumbled across a Mass being held on the beach.

I have to admit this is really thinking outside the box“. I’m not a religious person myself but I would attend mass if this were a weekly happening. Unfortunately the weather will be changing here in NY in the next few weeks and Mass on the Beach would not be practical. An excellent idea and I have to commend the “Long Beach Catholic Regional School” for putting this together.

According to the calendar, Fall starts on Tuesday and I think we, in NY, were blessed to have such great weather for our last weekend of the summer. I’m not sure how many more runs I will be able to get in on the boardwalk but I can sometimes go till November. We’ll see. I will get more pics of the beach as fall turns into winter. It’s just as interesting when the crowds are away, sometimes more so as only the die-hards are left. In the dead of winter it can get very desolate.

As for the run, I am currently up to a 10.5 minute mile. Once I hit the 10 min mile I will be ready for my first race. Not sure when that will be but I’ll keep updates posted.

Hope everyone enjoyed their last weekend of the summer, now get to church! :)