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Why the Mad Rush for Personalized facebook Names?

facebook-logoFriday facebook allowed you to personalize your page with a somewhat custom URL (Universal Resource Locator). Many users made a mad rush for their personalized addresses. Some of us just sat back and watched, content in the knowledge we had the foresight to register our Dot.com names 10 years ago or more. I’m coming up on my 10th anniversary next year.

I lost out on my full name on facebook since I stayed out a tad late but did get my twitter name, which to me, is just as valuable if not more so. For marketing purposes, how is anyone going to differentiate between my very common given name from everyone else who has the same name. My twitter name!


twitterI am now predicting twitter will get just as big as Google. facebook will stick around but will be a little more personal and will continue to be just for friends and family. Most people see twitter as a social media platform. I find twitter is a more relevant search engine than Google as the information you are looking for on twitter is so much more up to date. You never come across web pages posted on twitter that are more than a few days old.

On Google, most of the pages I come across are weeks, months and even years old. Dated material is usually outdated. Twitter has the potential to be bigger than Google. Can you say public stock offering?

In the future, as social media websites continue to come and go, the only valuable Internet real estate is the good ol’ Dot.com name.

Where to find me:

So you’ll always find me here at DavidDaniels.com, on twitter at @DVdaniels, on youtube with my first youtube channel, also with the username DVdaniels, I post most of my nonpersonal photos to my flickr page and now on facebook with my personalized address of www.facebook.com/DVdaniels.

Enjoy the hunting for your own spot on the web but always remember, the Dot.com domain name is the true original. Get one. keep it. Once you lose it you never get it back.

So why the mad rush? I have no clue.

David Daniels




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