Ryan Howard Visits the White House Garden

Ryan Howard of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies recently got a tour of the new White House garden and spoke with White House chef Sam Kass about the importance of a healthy diet.
(public domain)

The second video the White House puts out centered around the Philles! As a Met fan I’m not liking this at all. As an Obama supporter it’s pure genius. Ryan Howard is a role model for many young Baseball fans and happens to be the top player on the World Series Champions. Can’t use David Wright, he hasn’t won anything yet, sorry Met fans.

I also think this is a great way to reduce health care costs in the future. If kids today take an interest in eating healthy because of their favorite baseball player, this is less taxpayer money we will spend later on down the road for medical treatment. A little preventative maintenance now could save this country billions in the future. Only problem is, are kids following the White House on youtube?