Farmingdale LI

I’ve been on twitter for some time now but as twitter has exploded in the last 6 months, so has the amount of my followers. I found a site today that claims I am #2 in  followers on twitter in my hometown of Farmingdale, Long Island, NY.

I want the claim of being number 1 in my hometown! I’m so close… I have 483 followers as opposed to some local travel agency that has 762. What’s up with that!?! Shameless I tell you!


Feel free to follow me on twitter. My twitter name is DVdaniels. I love twitter for feeding me incredibly interesting, short random quotes from people that I would never interact with otherwise. Also a great way to interact with so many other Met fans.

I’m an interesting tweeter especially during Met games. There has to be more than 500 Met fans on Long Island? Let’s take the top spot as top twitterer away from this local business that will remain nameless. Feel free to message me with questions about Farmingdale LI, A pretty big town located right smack in the middle of Long Island and only about an hours train ride away from the big city.

Feel free to retweet this posting as well, as I do not tweet my own tweets.

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