President Obama: Naval Academy Commencement

It’s Graduation Time and Memorial Day Weekend! The President speaks at the US Naval Academy Commencement in Annapolis, Maryland, and reminds us that our military is made up of hundreds of thousands of individual stories, each guided by a common set of values. He connects his admiration for the service of sailors and Marines to the values he espoused yesterday at the National Archives. May 22, 2009. (Public Domain)

You already know President Obama gives a great speech. This one is no different. The President highlights the military as the ultimate volunteers at a time when we don’t have enough citizens volunteering. The military is called on to give the ultimate sacrifice in their volunteering and volunteering has been a big part of the Obama Administration. Although lately, I haven’t seen a volunteering push, probably because of the many other pressing issues being address, I’m glad he addresses it here.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.