I’m always up for researching the next wave of technology and although blogging and face-book have been around for a while, they seem to be exploding right now. Twitter, a relative newbie starting in 2006, is also experiencing tremendous growth.

I can’t begin to tell you how many fascinating websites, blogs and twitter pages I have come across along with the people who write them since starting my research.

So here’s my take on the whole social media phenomenon:

  1. facebook– I’ll start here because if you have used a social media website it’s probably face-book. face-book is considered similar to a blogging service for the mainstream. It’s a personal website or spot on the web where you can tell the world all about you. Upload pictures, videos, rants and raves and lots of other stuff too numerous to mention here. With it’s “Status Updates” you have now been introduced to “micro blogging”.
  2. twitter – The original micro blogging website and considered the “SMS of the Internet”. Had it’s start in 2006. Here you can create a much smaller profile of yourself, upload one picture of yourself, change the background design and post your tweets in 140 characters or less. A very simple form of blogging or “micro-blogging“.
  3. A Blog – a blog is a website, maintained by an individual, that has regular entries written by the blogger that readers can leave comments on. My blog is a perfect example. I have web pages set up that you cannot leave comments on but all blog postings have a comments section on the bottom where you can leave your comments. There are examples of both on my website.
  4. Podcasts – I haven’t gotten to experimenting with this one yet but a podcast is basically an audio or video file that is made available on the web similar to a radio or TV show.
  5. Myspace – Just like face-book. I won’t discuss it here because I don’t use it anymore. :)

And now all these forms of social media seem to be getting mixed together. Many major websites have blog sections, pod-casts, face-book pages and now twitter pages.

For example, the NY-times has all these and I follow them on twitter. It’s like an RSS feed straight to your phone!


  • Today I downloaded the “tweetdeck“, a small free program made by Adobe, that’s still in beta.

The “Tweetdeck” program allows me to follow and keep in touch with friends and various other people who have the same interests. Of course they can also follow me as well.

The program also tracks your face-book friends status updates so you can get your twitter and face-book updates in one place.Of course my phone already does that.

At this point none of my face-book friends are on twitter and who knows if they will ever try it. face-book offers everything twitter does including the “Status Updates” that seems to be so popular.

The twitter profile doesn’t have nearly as much personal information nor the ability to upload pictures but it’s a lot less work than face-book.

If you plan on using twitter on your mobile phone, make sure you have the unlimited text messaging option.

My blog postings can be posted to both my twitter and facebook services which neatly ties up my social media experiment.  Now if I can just get to that podcast? ;)