Met Museum of Art Visit

Egyptian Art Wing 2, originally uploaded by DVdaniels.

I happened to stop by the MET this weekend. My favorite wing is The American Wing but since it is currently being renovated, more than half the collection is not available to be seen to the public.

Here I shot a picture while walking thru the Sackler Wing which displays “The Temple of Dendur“. A gift from Eygpt to the U.S., The temple has been here since 1978 and I have visited most every year. As a kid I would visit on field trips and hopefully it will still be at the Met for many generations to come.

If you plan a visit to the Met, the suggested donation for admission is now $20. For $95 you can get a membership that’s tax deductible and allows you unlimited access to the Met. You also get a 10% discount at the Met stores. Much better deal if you go a dozen times a year or so.

There’s an option to give as a gift the “President’s Circle” membership. It’s only $20,000 and I would greatly appreciate it. :)

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  1. David - Site Author May 7, 2009 at 10:54 AM

    Thank you! If your ever in NY and visit the Met, don’t try to get away with donating a dollar. The employees have no sense of humor.
    I’m still open to the “President’s Circle” membership. Maybe I should start a campaign on the web to get some money donated to my selfish cause. ;)