My Blackberry Curve 8310

My Laptop Teethered to My Blackberry Curve.

In tech years my Blackberry curve is ancient!

I have been using my Blackberry Curve since last February 2008 on the AT+T network.  This has been the first phone in years I have thoroughly enjoyed and could even keep long term but the time will soon come, July 2009, when I will be eligible for an upgrade.

My Blackberry has really taken a beating and has done everything I have asked of it. I’m a heavy user of the mobile Internet, I use emails as opposed to text messages and I’m a huge fan of the Blackberry Facebook application. I never miss an email and can keep in touch with all my friends on face-book wherever I am. It even gets all my emails from an older hotmail account I still use.

Google Apps for the Blackberry:

To make my Blackberry feel more like my laptop, I have installed all the Google mobile apps. I can access my Google reader straight from the phone as well as Google maps. Using Google maps along with the built in GPS allows you to pinpoint your current location and get you directions from your current location to anywhere you need to be.

The Java Gmail app is very nice but I still prefer to use the Blackberry email client and you have access to your photos on Google’s Picasa which saves space on my 4GB Micro-card. I also have access to my Google notebooks but I find I don’t use them as much on the Curve as I do on the laptop. The Google Reader and Search seem to be the 2 most heavily used Google Apps on my Blackberry.

Blackberry Curve can double as a wireless card:

Through a process called tethering (where you hook up a non-mobile device to a mobile device), for an extra $30 a month the phone will double as a modem, although on the AT+T network you are limited to 5GB per month. AT+T buries the details of it’s smart phone rate plans on it’s site and does not, as of yet, specify if there are any charges if you go over. This is a great deal if you truly want to go mobile this summer.

5GB Limit: Supposedly, due to the iPhone traffic,  AT+T has been forced to limit the amount of bandwidth you can use. The 5GB limit is designed to discourage you from downloading but most routine tasks like surfing the web, checking email, online banking and similar tasks can be handled easily under the 5GB limit.

The 5GB limit applies applies to any wireless card you purchase from AT+T. A wireless card will run you $60 a month as opposed to the add on to your Blackberry account at $30 per month. To me it’s a great deal, especially if you want to go mobile this summer. No reason to pay $60 a month and sign an additional 2 year contract.

Standard Phone features:

The phone also comes with Blue-tooth so you can sync with your laptop or favorite headset but the Curve does not have the all important Wi-Fi which would allow me to access to faster local networks.

My Blackberry also doubles as a very good MP3 player which I use heavily and also sports a  full sized headphone jack, not a mini jack or fire-wire port like many other models. The media player does not play video and cannot access Internet radio stations. This is significant as you cannot access video while web browsing.

The Curve has a 2-mega-pixel camera, calculator and an alarm clock that I find indispensable. Especially the alarm clock!  I’ve even put it in a ziplock bag and taken it into the shower to sing along with the mp3 player. The phone goes everywhere!

Overall, this is practically the perfect phone for me that I would keep much longer if it had Wi-Fi and video playback capability. These would be the only reasons why I would upgrade this phone in a few months. Of course I’m looking forward to testing out a 3G or even a 4G network since the Curve does not impress me with it’s speed over the Internet.

“I’ll let you know what new phone I pick and give the new phone a good work over in preparation for it’s review right here, hopefully by the end of the summer.”

~David Daniels~