Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution

I opened my first account in years at a local bank. What an experience! I have not been in a bank for years as I do everything online. The service was great and I even told the bank about the Move Your Money Project. The big banks have always been years ahead with their online banking programs which is the reason why I have been using big banks all these years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that after all these years the small local banks have caught up with the big banks technologically. They have all the services that big banks do and my new banker even showed me how to access my accounts from my iPhone. So there are no more excuses for me not to use a small bank. I feel so much better knowing that my new bank will reinvest my money in my community and not in all these trading shenanigans. I also plan on going in and using the free Coinstar machine. In these times every cent counts. Great idea Arianna and Huffpost! We might just take back this country yet.
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Move Your Money Project

My favorite all time holiday moviemy biggest issue (right up there with healthcare reform)… combined to form a very powerful campaign against the big banks of this country. Check out the project at If you agree, simply move your money from the big banks to a smaller community bank. That’s it!

This better go VIRAL! :)

Thanks to the Huffington Post for bringing the project into the mainstream. See the Huffington Post blog posting here:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All!

Just wanted to take some time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I have actually enjoyed the blogging this year and I have been impressed that the same small group of people are still following me throughout the entire year. Yes I know how many subscribers I have and well aware that it slowly but steadily grows instead of shrinking, even when  I go weeks at a time without an update.

My shopping is done, the decorations are all up and the plans have been made for Christmas and New Years.

Now I just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the Holiday Season before I decide on New Years Resolutions. But till then, Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Chrome Extensions

Now Google has gone out and done it! I’m not even sure when Google extensions came out but I just discovered them about 2 days ago and they have already made me a more productive blogger. What is an extension?…

  • I have installed a Google Wave extension, a twitter extension, a face-book extension, a Gmail extension and a ie-based tab extension that allows me to open up Internet explorer in a separate tab. I can monitor my Gmail, twitter & face-book accounts and collaborate on Google wave all at a quick glance without opening up any additional tabs. I technically only need one tab open on the Chrome browser while I’m working.

Just a quick note: There are a few dozen extensions for Facebook. I tried a few and I prefer “Facebook to go w/instant Notifications”. You will never have to open up a Facebook page ever again. Maybe, just maybe, I will use Facebook a little more often since it is just a click away in my browser. It’s a very handy extension.

Not sure what I am talking about? Then you haven’t been following me. I only use the Google Chrome browser. It is the only browser I need. If you would like a truly amazing web browsing experience then you have to get out of the dark ages and get your copy of Google Chrome. Mac users can now keep up too! They always seem to be behind. ;)

Shoppers Village – It’s Back But For How Long?

Today was one of the more miserable weather days of the year so I decided to do some local shopping instead of driving around in the rain and battling the mobs at the local malls. As you already know I have this interest in seeing small businesses in this country get ahead. I would love to see more people shopping at our local Mom & Pop stores rather than send all of our money to Wal-Mart which then goes directly on to China.

Hence, Today I passed a Wal-Mart. I still refuse to go in!

Shoppers VillageI went to Shoppers Village instead. THE Shoppers Village. West Hempstead, Long Island. Do I need to do a presentation? ;) Lot’s of small business owners under one roof. It’s the Shoppers Village I grew up with. The Shoppers Village open from 1981-95. I was in the fifth grade when it first opened. Now most of the kids who originally hung out and shopped there are long gone. Most to the Carolina’s, I think. Some maybe to New Jersey. New York got too expensive.

I was somewhat disappointed to find Shoppers Village without the same bustling traffic of the local Wal-Mart but I love what they’ve done with the place! Exactly the way I remember it!

I went a little nostalgic today. After this post I’m going to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Upon walking into Shoppers Village I was bought back to a time in my teenage years where there was no Internet. You know what I mean! Yes the Internet was way too young back in 1995 to be in widespread use. Today, it’s in your pocket. I felt like Michael J Fox in “Back to the Future” only this time I’m stuck in 1985 trying to get back to 2009. I could imagine myself a teenager again only this time I’m now a blogger with an iPhone. So even though I have just stepped back in time, what am I doing….

  • I’m trying to find a WiFi connection. No such luck.
  • I’m attempting to look up the Shopper’s Village YouTube Channel. There is none.
  • There’s no Mac Store. OK, seriously I didn’t expect one. Steve Jobs wouldn’t allow a Mac store in a flea market anyway. What about a Microsoft store? AT&T store? At least then I could purchase iPhone accessories.
  • Live Music! A Santa! A Martial Arts Display! Shoppers Village... on TwitpicI take a picture of the live band playing and “Tweet” it. Over 150 people view it within 5 minutes.
  • I search my Tweetie app to see if I can locate other users within range. No luck.
  • I search twitter for the term “Shoppers Village”. No one has tweeted from here… ever. I might be the first.
  • I use my “Redlaser” app to verify Shoppers Village has lower prices than the internet. They actually do.
  • I add “Shoppers Village” to FourSquare, earn 11 pts. +5 for adding the venue. Now others on Foursquare can find it too.
  • Check email. It works; over the 3g network.
  • Shoot a few pictures for this blog posting.

Bottom Line: Shoppers Village is like having a long gone Grandpa come back to life, only Grandpa comes back still very old which means he might not last too long anyway. I want Grandpa in his prime. That being said, great website at After a few clicks I found their facebook fan page but, as I was recently informed by a young friend of mine, facebook is for old people. I guess I’m old because I still use Facebook. :P

I hope everyone makes a visit to Shoppers Village this Holiday Season and not just for nostalgia. The new generation will need something more to get them coming. Nostalgia alone will not work. Maybe they’ll find my tweet on twitter. Maybe someone will stumble across “Shoppers Village” on Foursquare. How times have changed.

Now stop spending your money at Wal-Mart! It all goes to China!

Quick update: Shoppers Village closed yet again after Christmas 2009. Probably won’t ever be back again. Good memories.

My Tech Cred is Shot! Or is it?

After upgrading my laptop to Windows 7 I was in awe at how fast the computer ran. I had given up on few programs like Microsoft Outlook in favor of the Gmail Cloud email client and I was moving most of my work to the cloud instead of spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade programs that just seem to always crash because they are such memory hogs. I was also trying to avoid spending thousands of dollars upgrading equipment that could handle all the applications I am running. Vista was also a memory hog.

Windows 7 seems to have solved all my problems… except one. I Could not seem to get my PowerDirector program to work. It worked just fine on Vista, although a little buggy and would freeze up from time to time on big projects. Well, to make a long story short, thank goodness I have a Microsoft Certified older brother who told me how to fix the compatibility problem. It’s such an easy fix I kinda had my tech cred ego bruised. ;)

I had been searching online for weeks for a solution to my problem and even contacted the software company directly. Their advice was to uninstall my current program and reinstall the most recent version of the software. Still no luck! Here’s the correct and easy fix and should work for most any program that no longer works in Windows 7:

1. Go to the program icon or .exe file and right click it:


#Windows 7 Screenshot


3. Click on the “Compatibility” tab where you will see a drop down menu. Click which version Windows you were running when the software worked. Then click OK and follow the prompts.  That’s it!

Windows 7 Compatibility Screenshot 2

    That’s my tip for the day. Hope this solves some problems you might be having!

Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution

Move Your Money Project

Merry Christmas!

Chrome Extensions

Shoppers Village – It’s Back But For How Long?

My Tech Cred is Shot! Or is it?