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Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution

I opened my first account in years at a local bank. What an experience! I have not been in a bank for years as I do everything online. The service was great and I even told the bank about the Move Your Money Project. The big banks have always been years ahead with their online banking programs which is the reason why I have been using big banks all these years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that after all these years the small local banks have caught up with… Read More

Move Your Money Project

My favorite all time holiday movie… my biggest issue (right up there with healthcare reform)… combined to form a very powerful campaign against the big banks of this country. Check out the project at If you agree, simply move your money from the big banks to a smaller community bank. That’s it! This better go VIRAL! :) Thanks to the Huffington Post for bringing the project into the mainstream. See the Huffington Post blog posting here:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! Just wanted to take some time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I have actually enjoyed the blogging this year and I have been impressed that the same small group of people are still following me throughout the entire year. Yes I know how many subscribers I have and well aware that it slowly but steadily grows instead of shrinking, even when  I go weeks at a time without an update. My shopping is done, the decorations are all up and the plans… Read More

Chrome Extensions

Now Google has gone out and done it! I’m not even sure when Google extensions came out but I just discovered them about 2 days ago and they have already made me a more productive blogger. What is an extension?… I have installed a Google Wave extension, a twitter extension, a face-book extension, a Gmail extension and a ie-based tab extension that allows me to open up Internet explorer in a separate tab. I can monitor my Gmail, twitter & face-book accounts and collaborate on Google wave all at a… Read More

Shoppers Village – It’s Back But For How Long?

Today was one of the more miserable weather days of the year so I decided to do some local shopping instead of driving around in the rain and battling the mobs at the local malls. As you already know I have this interest in seeing small businesses in this country get ahead. I would love to see more people shopping at our local Mom & Pop stores rather than send all of our money to Wal-Mart which then goes directly on to China. Hence, Today I passed a Wal-Mart. I still refuse to go in! I went… Read More

My Tech Cred is Shot! Or is it?

After upgrading my laptop to Windows 7 I was in awe at how fast the computer ran. I had given up on few programs like Microsoft Outlook in favor of the Gmail Cloud email client and I was moving most of my work to the cloud instead of spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade programs that just seem to always crash because they are such memory hogs. I was also trying to avoid spending thousands of dollars upgrading equipment that could handle all the applications I am running. Vista was… Read More