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New Twitter – Some New Features Explained

I’ve been using new twitter now for about a week and absolutely love it. Here is a video from twitter lead developer, Kevin Cheng, who walks through some of the newest features of new twitter… For more video’s from…

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Quit Facebook Day – May 31st 2010

What a response! America is speaking up! Users of facebook are deleting their accounts in droves. No one really knows how many accounts are being deleted everyday but a small movement is growing and a quit Facebook day is…

@Tech Talk Twitter

Twitter 101 – Using SMS on Twitter

I have been using twitter now since May 2008 when it was mostly an SMS service. Texting was big “way back then” and twitter allowed me to use my old blackberry to communicate with a large group of people…

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Here’s Why You Have To Be On Twitter

You know I loved the original “Shift Happens” and blogged about it here last April. This is another official update to the original “Shift Happens” video. This version was released 6 months ago and the discussion continues at I noticed…