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The one Tech Site that seems to be all over the CES event is CNET. Their latest video does a nice  job breaking down the newest products coming out of the event. They are also doing some significant live…

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iPhone & iPad Apps Create Christmas Music

I love this and just had to repost it! Christmas music using iPhones and iPads at North Point Community Church. Download more free music from North Point — And here’s a list of all the apps that were used…

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IOS4.1 on the 3G

I have been using IOS4.1 on the 3G for the last 24 hours and have noticed a definite improvement in speed and functionality on my phone. Still not as fast as with the old operating system but just the…

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Police Love The iPhone

There are not too many channels on YouTube that have caught my attention by being informative and entertaining. Lamar, from the Wilsontech1 channel, has an excellent and informative YouTube channel going. A schoolteacher from the Chicago area who now…

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Facebook Wants Me Back

What a sneaky company facebook is! I get this email from this somewhat attractive woman who goes by the name of  Savannah Young. She only has one friend and wants me to log back into facebook to check out…