OSX Mavericks

Apple’s Hits and Misses this Week

If you haven’t upgraded all the software on your MAC to the latest versions of everything, here is a little rundown. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Apple world and I am not liking the dumbing down of some of their software. I can understand why they are dumbing it down but there are still power users like myself that really were using some of the more advanced features in iWork. Enough of my complaining though. Here’s a breakdown of Apple upgrades this week ¬†and what I think about them… Continue reading

Epic Browser

The “Epic” Privacy Browser. No Really! That is the Name of the Browser

It’s been a few weeks since my last posting. When you are in marketing September is about the time you get really busy getting ready for the Holidays. Then you start implementing your Holiday plans in October. November and December will be hectic! But here is what I am looking at and have been testing the past few weeks… Continue reading


Weekly Update: IOS7, iPhone 5C and 5S, YouTube Truther Issues, Fav Hastags

This was a very busy week in Social Media, from the release of IOS7, 2 new iPhones to some YouTube Issues I am monitoring, this maybe my favorite update yet! And we’ll go over this weeks hashtags…

IOS7 – the Update that Makes Your Old Phone New Again

IOS7 is a major hit in my book. I will admit when I first saw it I immediately wanted IOS6 back but after using the new OS I am very impressed. The look and feel is very different, especially with all the graphics being so much flatter but with all the graphics being flattened out my 4S is running so much better! No more heavy graphics to be rendered by the processor and now your phone can do what it’s meant to do, get you to your apps quickly. Continue reading

Mobile Exploding

Bloggers Beware! It Is Getting Way Too Noisy Out Here on The Internet!

It’s Sunday! Here is Some More Noise for the Internet…

As a long time blogger who has watched the internet grow, expand and explode into what we see today a bloggers only advantage over most every other internet marketer, digital marketer or whatever you want to call us, is the fact we can stay focused while applying the rules of the old web: Focus on Content: Content is king! Continue reading