Waiting for the New iPhone (6?), So Am I

This week I have finally caught up with all my holiday spending, found a little money and decided to look at upgrading my iPhone. That was supposed to be my little Christmas present to myself. So these are some of my thoughts on the many different options Apple bombards you with. Sometimes I think that Apple is working with the concept, “If you can’t convince then, confuse them”: Continue reading


Happy New Year! Bloggers… Check Those Stats! This 14 Year Old Blog is up 89%!

Another year has come and gone and this is year #14 for the blog! Yes, I feel old!!!! Not too many 14 year old blogs out there…

So now it’s time to check the yearly stats but not before I refresh myself on what happened in 2012¬†which was also a “pretty good year”.

Here are the blogs traffic stats for 2013 followed by stats for 2012. Every category is up and although I have been limiting my blogging to once a week, usually Sundays, it looks like this year that strategy has paid off. Continue reading

Old Technology

You Can Either Grow With Your Technology or Fall Victim to it.

Where have I heard this before? I’m not sure but it’s something I have been preaching a lot lately. From the employee who cannot seem to collaborate as well as they used to because they are still stuck on Microsoft Office products while the next generation brings their own devices to the small business that doesn’t have an exchange network to share files… Many individuals and business’s are falling victim to their technology needs.

This blog posting will be a little different today. It’s mostly about the struggles I am having with small business’s, especially with cash resources dwindling fast due to the increased expenditures and decreased revenue being attributed to Obamacare. Yes, I had to mention that. Most are not keeping up with technology and actually seem to be falling victim to it. Continue reading