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Why Do I Have 4 Calendar Apps on my iPhone?

Ok, I’m getting back to my Tuesday Schedule…

Lately I have been looking very closely at the 4 most important apps on my iPhone for organizing myself. Email, Calendar, Tasks (or to-do’s) and Project Management. Today I’m going to focus on the Calendar apps. This is the one app that most people should be looking at everyday and if you get the right one, your days should run much smoother. Here is a rundown of what I use and my go to Calendar app… Continue reading

New iPhone Apps

New iPhone Apps I’m Testing (Cinemegram, Burpple,, ect)

How Many Social Apps Do We Need? Here’s Four More to Test This Weekend…

Just realized it’s Friday and I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks! ┬áThat’s a long stretch for me but I have been busy testing new apps to see how they fit into various projects I am working on. Check out these four listed below. I figured by the time I get around to doing actual reviews they may be super popular or long gone. You be the judge: Continue reading

Business Card Reader, “by shape services” For The iPhone – Why The Sudden Price Increase?

Just this week, on 5/18/11, I buy this very good app to manage my business cards for $.99.

The app is called “Business Card Reader” and came out on April 15th of this year. At the time I purchased the app it was about a month old and was the current top seller in the business category.

A 600% Price Increase in 4 Days

I’m willing to try the top app in the business category for $.99 but four days later the app is now $5.99. That’s almost a 600% price increase!

It’s a great app for $.99 to scan in and organize your business cards but for $5.99? Even $2.99 would be a good deal. I was going to recommend this app to everyone I know who is a mobile networker. Because of the price, I can’t.

I understand supply and demand but with an unlimited supply you would think to maybe raise the price to $1.99 or even $2.99 but $5.99?

No Longer The Current Top Seller

The app market seems to agree with me because the app now ranks #13 and dropping. So if you were here looking for a great tool to manage all your business cards, this was it. Unfortunately I won’t recommend it based on it’s new price.

So check out Business Card Reader in the App Store.

Maybe the company will get the price down somewhere to the point I can recommend it again.