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Running Apps – There Are Too Many of Them. Which One’s to Use?

Long Island Marathon, April 2011

The summer running season is just getting started and as I’m preparing to run my first 5K of the season this weekend I look back at the apps that I have used to get me ready. I will vouch for both of them, they are awesome.

Both apps also have great integrated music players and your running results can be posted to facebook or twitter so your friends can laugh at them. ;) So without further ado, here are the apps I use and highly recommend…


Couch 2 5K - This workout training coach will help you get into shape using the C25K system, a series of interval workouts, each about 30 minutes, spanning 9 weeks, culminating in your ability to run 5 km (3.1 miles) without stopping or walking.

This is a great app for beginners and for those like myself who practically stop running when the weather gets cold only to have to restart training in April. Start now and you could be running 5K’s too by August! $2.99 in the App Store.


Once you’ve mastered the 5k training you can move up to…


It's Free!

Nike+ GPS - Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to go even further. Hear mid-run cheers every time your friends like or comment on your run status, or outrun them in a game of Nike+ Tag.

Record your pace, distance and run route using the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology so you can see your progress over time and push yourself to go even further. Of course this App is using GPS to track you so battery life is greatly decreased. I usually give the phone a full charge before a 5K.

If your under a 30% charge your phone might not last a whole race with GPS and your iPod running. The iPod touch doesn’t have GPS so you won’t have that problem but you also lose out on the apps capability to track your distance accurately.

This is a great app for the iPhone, not for the iPod touch. One day, when I become a marathon runner I’ll start recommending apps for expert runners. For now…

This app is free but only for a limited time. Grab it now for free while you can and I hope to hear from some of you that you’ve started running!



Stitcher – Free iPhone Streaming Radio (NY Fans, It Streams WFAN for Free)

It seems like attempts at integrating a radio tuner with an iPod are long dead.

But if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with access to a WiFi connection there are plenty of apps to allow you to listen to streaming radio. Here is the newest free radio app I found in the app store. It also can be found at and works on your Android and Blackberry’s as well. Continue reading

Speed Testing Your Internet Connection with an iPhone

It’s Tech Tuesday and here’s a simple tip I use to test my internet connection speed.

If you find your computer is running slow, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection before running out and paying to have someone look at it. Your connection may be temporarily slow. I run through a speedtest on my latest video where I find my own connection is running temporarily slow…

The service is completely free as well as the iPhone app. Another great tool to add to your tech toolbox.

And that’s this week’s tech tip. Check your internet connection first if your computer is running slow. I will post some quick tips each week that may (or may not) help you get more productive, stay secure or just solve some small nagging problem in your daily computing activities so check back here every tuesday or subscribe to the blog to have your weekly tips delivered straight to your inbox.


Five Free QR Codes Thanks To AT&T


Scan 2D and UPC barcodes found on products, in magazines, stores and even online for price comparison, special offers, info and downloads. It’s fun, easy and free. You can even create your own FREE Mobile Barcode at

QR Code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data. - wikipedia


I downloaded quite a few QR readers to test out which ones work well enough to add to my tech toolbox. I came up with…

AT&T’s Create-a-Code is a free service that allows you to create mobile barcodes for personal use.  You can create codes that, when scanned, connect users to contact information and websites you choose such as v-cards, favorite websites, blogs, and much more.  You can share your codes with friends, family, and colleagues on business cards, stickers, websites, or even on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I actually think QR codes are very useful, especially since we will all be carrying smart-phones within the next 5 years (my opinion only, not based on fact). I have never punched in a website’s address that I saw on a billboard or print advertisement into my smartphone as soon as I saw it. I would scan a QR code to get more information. If you are using traditional print advertising you may want to now start including a QR code allowing people to be pointed to a website of your choosing to get even more information about whatever it is you are advertising.

So, if you use the free AT&T service - after you make the codes, which are good for up to a year, you can then go back to the AT&T QR website and view the analytics of your code. That means you can see how many times your code was accessed and can see how many hits your codes has received over the last 11 weeks.

My QR Code via AT&T

There is no cost to create a code and the AT&T QR Reader on the iPhone is completely free meaning most everyone will eventually have a QR reader on their smart-phones. The QR Reader on the iPhone wil also read UPC codes making this a very versatile app that could replace whatever barcode reader app you may already be using.

[box]There are literally hundreds of websites on the internet that will generate QR codes for you so I will be interested in hearing if anyone else has a QR Code generating website to recommend and why.[/box]