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Postings on my least favorite social media platform.


Social Media Managers Leaving Facebook? Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Buying “Likes” & “Fans” is a Waste of Time and Money

As social media managers have learned over the past several months, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your content seen by fans who have opted into your Facebook marketing messaging by virtue of “liking” your brand. I can’t tell you how many times I still come across people who were hawking services like buying “Likes” and “Fans”. It’s been happening for a long time now and those chickens are starting to come home to roost for Social Media Managers who used this strategy. Instagram users take note because it’s a problem there too. It’s making it significantly harder for social media managers to reach their audience.
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Traffic Stats

Real Numbers! Pinterest Beats all other Platforms?

Looking to drive traffic to your website or blog? Don’t over look Pinterest!

Check out some of these crazy numbers. These numbers are specific to one particular client whose target market is Women between ages 24-44. Pinterest, whose market is also this target demographic, is driving fully  35% of web traffic beating out Facebook by a large margin. Continue reading