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Posts discussing all things Apple. Some may call me a fanboy. I like to think of myself as just another guy who likes everything to just work.


Waiting for the New iPhone (6?), So Am I

This week I have finally caught up with all my holiday spending, found a little money and decided to look at upgrading my iPhone. That was supposed to be my little Christmas present to myself. So these are some of my thoughts on the many different options Apple bombards you with. Sometimes I think that Apple is working with the concept, “If you can’t convince then, confuse them”: Continue reading

Apple Delays

More Apple Delays. Should You Upgrade?

iPhone Rumors

Ever since the first iPhone came out in the summer of 2007, every summer thereafter rumors have run rampant about what Apple will produce in its next round of updates. This year Rumors have run rampant about a bigger iPhone, cheaper iPhone, plastic iPhone, iPhone in colors, iOS 7, iWatch, and more but now I’m hearing Apple could be experiencing production delays across the board on all these new products. Continue reading

Android Software

To Switch to Samsung, Android or Stay with Apple

I’m just picking apart an interesting conversation I was having last night. I’m talking to quite a few people who are considering or have already switched to a “Samsung” phone. These same people are asking me how to customize their phones so they can be as easy to use as the iPhone. Really??? You buy a Samsung phone because you can customize to be like an iPhone? I know the phones are a little cheaper and are now flooding the market but come on now… What are you getting yourself into?? Continue reading


No iPhone 5 for Me. Very Impressed with the New Mobile Safari Speeds

Today is the day that many Apple Fanboys (& Girls) will upgrade to an iPhone 5. Except me that is. I have stuck to my tradition of always being a generation behind. This year, even though I am eligible to upgrade (very rare for me to be eligible when a new phone comes out), I have opted to wait a few weeks. The hardware upgrade for the iPhone is not significant enough for me to upgrade immediately. The software… that’s another story. Continue reading