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My attempt at a VLOG has not gone to well. Video editing can get very tedious. I may try again in the near future. Until then, I can get a good laugh at this category.

My New Vloging Spot? And is Vlogging Spelt with One “G” or Two?

Having a little fun this morning and possibly found a future spot to Vlog from. I’ll be prepared with topics for next Sunday’s official 1st edition of the weekly Vlog as long as the weather cooperates… Continue reading

Protect Yourself While on Public WiFi by Using a (VPN) Virtual Private Network

As those of you know, I do a lot of work off of public hotspots. As a freelancer it’s great to get away from the office and work someplace where there is a little public “noise’ going on. It’s also nice to get some fresh air and some sun in the process while changing things up a little bit. Continue reading

iMovie 11 Movie Trailer Function – Quick, Easy & Fun

This was my first attempt at using the iMovie Movie Trailer tool in iMovie 11. I’ve read a lot of reviews and most user reviews consider it fairly easy and fun to use. I’ve also read a few tech reviews that say you should plan on spending hours sifting through video clips to put together a 1 minute movie trailer. Mine took maybe 20 minutes…. Continue reading

Where to Find the Advanced Audio Editing in iLife 11

I just upgraded to iLife 11 a few days ago because I just had to have the new iMovie and it’s advanced audio editing capabilities but when I upgraded my version of iMovie it looked just like my old one. No mention of how to activate the advanced audio editing features. Continue reading

North Cove Marina – NYC

I only made this video for one reason and one reason only… I wanted to get a shot of the quote that is posted at the entrance of the Marina. It sums up the essence of NY very well Continue reading

60 Seconds of Lightning

Last night NYC was under a Tornado Watch. I’ve lived here all my life and can’t remember ever being under a Tornado watch. I did get some night shots of the Lightning all around me and put together about 60 seconds into a quick vlog.

NYPL Main Branch – Video

For those of you who follow me you probably figured out that I hang out at the library a few times a month. The NYPL is by far the best library system I’ve ever used. It’s also the best deal in NYC as you have access to free wifi, the North and South Halls provide plenty of room to sit down and work or you can roam the halls and view the various exhibits on display.

This month’s exhibit is the Declaration of Independence. The Library has a few copies of the Declaration of Independence and Continue reading

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