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Posts that take place on Long Island. As a lifelong Long Islander I may explore the topic once in a while.

Gas Lines, Long Island, Franklin Square

Social Media Reports the Story: Long Island is Almost Out of Gas

Sorry Everyone, I have been very busy but I will get up and blogging soon. It’s been a few weeks! A lot has been going on in my life and I’ve made significant upgrades to my equipment. I made these upgrades so I could get more work done. Now I’m getting more work to do. It’s a catch 22. Oh Well, can’t complain!

I have a lot of new tech tools I will want to write about real soon but today I have been watching the biggest story on Long Island today… Gas! Continue reading

Container Store

First Shots of the New Westbury Plaza on Long Island

Long Island is changing fast! I might have to do more postings about this…

Decided to post up some pictures of the new Westbury Plaza in Westbury, Long Island. First store to open is the Container Store. It’s the first Container Store on Long Island and from what I hear, the company is very picky as to the locations they choose to setup.

Next up to open in the mall is Trader Joe’s. They were not open yet at the time of this posting but they will be open in a week. For all of you who do not live on Long Island, just down the block is the Roosevelt Field Mall, one of the biggest Malls in the country. Sadly, Long Island is turning into one big mall. Here are some pics I got off the phone of this newest mall… Continue reading

WiFi Hotspot for Roosevelt Field Mall

Roosevelt Field Hotspots. Not All Hotspot Are Created Equal

Here I am, spending a little time on a lazy weekend in Roosevelt Field Mall. It’s early in the morning and there are few shoppers around so I decide to check out the WiFi Capabilities of the Mall.

Sometimes I do it from my iPhone but this time I pulled out my notebook. I did not speedtest any of the hotspots as I am running behind a VPN and that always skews the results but the Mall has come very far in the last few years so here goes my review: Continue reading

Iphone Thumb

“Essential Long Island” iPhone App Update – New Rooftop Lounge & Bar with Stunning Views of the Atlantic

I purchased and went over the “Essential Long Island” iPhone app last year so when the apps author notified me that there was a free upgrade I had to check it out to see if a Long Island local like myself would find something new to do. I did. I’m impressed. Here’s my review.. Continue reading