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Chemtrails, the New Long Island Normal


Every weekend for years I’ve watched as we start off with beautiful blue skies… This is around 10am… Then the high altitude jets appear…    Then the chemtrails start to expand… Around 12pm…    And finally the rest of the day looks like this… 3pm…    This is normal for the current generation of Long Islanders. These are not the skies I grew up with on Long Island. All these pictures are from today, Sunday, 5/24/15. with the Memorial Day…

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Tyranny Car
Long Island The Blog

Long Island Freedom Car?

It’s a rare Weekend posting in my little “Long Island” category of the blog. Just a little something I snapped from the phone that I wanted to share……

Valpak iPad app
@Tech Talk Long Island

Why Couponing Sites Suck!

One of the bigger internet stories I was following about 2 years ago was Google’s interest in buying Groupon, a couponing site that was growing tremendously. Google was late to the game when it came to internet coupon sites…

@Tech Talk Long Island

BrightBox Comes to Long Island.

“I was in Roosevelt Field Mall over the Weekend and noticed these small, odd-looking Kiosks all over the Mall. I saw at least 4 of them. They are charging stations for cell phones called BrightBoxes” BrightBox is a small…