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Posts that take place on Long Island. As a lifelong Long Islander I may explore the topic once in a while.

The Technology Center at Farmingdale State University - 2013-04-14 10.21.50

Graduation Season is Here. What is my Alma Mater Up To?

Graduation Season is here on Long Island
and most Colleges in the area will have their Graduation ceremonies in about 30 days. I had recently taken a tour of my alma mater, SUNY Farmingdale and noticed some significant changes in only the 5 years since I graduated. It’s a good sign for the Island that we have a Technology College in the heart of Long Island. Here’s what they are working on: Continue reading

Valpak iPad app

Why Couponing Sites Suck!

One of the bigger internet stories I was following about 2 years ago was Google’s interest in buying Groupon, a couponing site that was growing tremendously. Google was late to the game when it came to internet coupon sites so they attempted to buy Groupon, the top couponing site at the time. The deal never did go through, Google saved face and Groupon struggles to remain relevant to this day.

Back in December of 2010 I was following a Long Island Startup called Grublifemetro, a couponing site on Long Island. Continue reading


BrightBox Comes to Long Island.

“I was in Roosevelt Field Mall over the Weekend and noticed these small, odd-looking Kiosks all over the Mall. I saw at least 4 of them. They are charging stations for cell phones called BrightBoxes”

BrightBox is a small NYC Startup that seems to have been able to secure some prime spots in the most expensive mall on the East Coast for its Mobile Phone charging stations. I think that’s impressive. Continue reading