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Postings that are not necessarily tech related. Hey, the blog is also my name so I can have personal posting sometimes. Can’t I?

Industrial Rythm

Summer is Half Over. Not Good!

Whew! I’ve been busy! Also having fun and trying to enjoy the summer. Hard to believe it’s half over! And wait!!! What does this posting have to do with Social Media?? Or even technology??? Nothing really. I used to post every Sunday morning but lately I just seem to get up and go to wherever may calendar tells me to go. Have not posted much at all lately. This morning I’m free! And realized I had recently found time to post 2 new video’s to YouTube, all from the iPhone 5S AND managed to get pics of everything while filming, so here they are…  Continue reading

Look Up

Look Up! A Little Something About Social Media Addiction

“All you have to do is disconnect from the need to be heard and defined”. My favorite line in the attached video below so make sure you watch. This past weekend was about the 6th straight weekend I have practically disappeared from “The Net” despite having the latest and greatest gadget in my back pocket. Disconnecting… something I have struggled with in the distant past but have learned how to master disconnecting from time to time Continue reading


Happy New Year! Bloggers… Check Those Stats! This 14 Year Old Blog is up 89%!

Another year has come and gone and this is year #14 for the blog! Yes, I feel old!!!! Not too many 14 year old blogs out there…

So now it’s time to check the yearly stats but not before I refresh myself on what happened in 2012 which was also a “pretty good year”.

Here are the blogs traffic stats for 2013 followed by stats for 2012. Every category is up and although I have been limiting my blogging to once a week, usually Sundays, it looks like this year that strategy has paid off. Continue reading