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Happy New Year! Bloggers… Check Those Stats! This 14 Year Old Blog is up 89%!

Another year has come and gone and this is year #14 for the blog! Yes, I feel old!!!! Not too many 14 year old blogs out there…

So now it’s time to check the yearly stats but not before I refresh myself on what happened in 2012¬†which was also a “pretty good year”.

Here are the blogs traffic stats for 2013 followed by stats for 2012. Every category is up and although I have been limiting my blogging to once a week, usually Sundays, it looks like this year that strategy has paid off. Continue reading

The Technology Center at Farmingdale State University - 2013-04-14 10.21.50

Graduation Season is Here. What is my Alma Mater Up To?

Graduation Season is here on Long Island
and most Colleges in the area will have their Graduation ceremonies in about 30 days. I had recently taken a tour of my alma mater, SUNY Farmingdale and noticed some significant changes in only the 5 years since I graduated. It’s a good sign for the Island that we have a Technology College in the heart of Long Island. Here’s what they are working on: Continue reading