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It’s a wireless hotspot that gets it’s own category because I use Starbucks as my office away from my home office.

No Blog Posting Today. This Will Have To Do. Thanks Starbucks!

Thanks to a little distraction I didn’t get a chance to post anything to the blog but I tried. And I was on such a roll too by posting something for the last 4 days straight. This will have to do. Thanks Starbucks. :)


Of course Happy Hour for Starbucks started today at 3pm. It’s from May 6th-15th from 3-5pm. Of course this Happy Hour was not so happy. Maybe next time. ;)

Free Starbucks Coffee

Happy Tax Day! Get Your Free Starbucks Coffee!

Yes, it’s been a few days since postings. I’ve been very busy but I’m still doing my morning routine which is to get to my local Starbucks early and write.

Today I walked in and got my free coffee because Starbucks is attempting to raise awareness of the need for recycling. For today only you could walk in with your reusable travel mug and get it filled for free.

Normally if you do this you get $.10 off the price of the coffee itself. This is certainly not something that Starbucks seems to be pushing but it is a start.

So I guess I will have to push the Recycling bit a little too. From now on I will be bringing my reusable travel mug with me, of course it’s a mug from my Alma mater. Just doing my part to help the environment.

The $.10 off the price of coffee, for me, comes out to $.10 a day, $.50 a week and $26 dollars a year.

So come on now! Save the environment and save some green while your at it!

My Starbucks Card1

My Starbucks Gold Card – Finally Here!

It’s Finally Here!

I earned it March 13th and I received it on April 5th so it takes about 3 weeks for you to get your Starbucks Gold card once you earn it.

The card comes attached to a tent card that is also a coupon for a free handcrafted drink. On the card is an explanation of your Gold level rewards although they’re not that impressive. Actually they look like the same benefits you get with a green card. The only additional benefit is Continue reading

Starbucks Card App

Starbucks iPhone Apps – Yes They Have “TWO”

Starbucks!! iPhone Apps!!! Caffiene!!!

Is this site turning into a Starbucks commercial or what!?! I should charge this company for the many write-ups but they continue to impress me.

Starbucks has “TWO” iPhone apps. Yes, TWO! Why?

Starbucks standard iPhone app is a handy app if you want to find the closest Starbucks to you. The App will show you their menu’s, you can put together your favorite drink, get store hours, amenities and , in some stores, the app doubles as a small itunes program. That song thats playing over your head? Check your app for the name of the song and purchase it if you like. This option not available in all stores but it is in most.

You can even connect your iphone to your facebook and twitter accounts. Why would you want to do that?!? Well, you can make a drink on the app and share it with your friends on facebook or on twitter. You can invite a friend to join you at your local Starbucks via email or text. This app does it all but there is another app that I use even more…

It’s the Starbucks “Mobile Card” iPhone App!

This is the most useful app on the planet! Maybe even more important than Continue reading