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“Always Aim for Achievement and Forget About Success” – Helen Hayes

Tech Blogging

One to FollowWelcome to my blog where (I try) every tuesday, in a column I call “TECH TUESDAY”, I document my random helpful tech tips and tricks to help you stay secure, stay productive and protect yourself while online. Since it also doubles as my personal blog I may go off on a fun tangent or two but in general I tend to mostly stay on topic. If I do go off topic it’s usually about Long Island, visits to New York City or the occasional personal update.

Most of my tech tips will be geared towards MAC users, iPhone’s that are not jail-broken, Google Chrome Apps for Chrome users and new apps from the MAC App store. I will occasionally throw in tips for Windows users as I have plenty of those too. I also discuss new social media tips and tricks I’m using.

So, whether your a beginner on “this thing they call the internet” or have been navigating the World Wide Web for a quite a while like I have, here you’ll find helpful and useful information about new tools I am testing, tips to protect yourself online and ways to more efficiently use the many, many different social media platforms that now take up most of your online time.

Social Media Blogging

google+I also blog about Social Media. I find Social Media fascinating. Whether it be Facebook, twitter, foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin or the many other social media platforms are out there, Social Media is a true game changer. Most of your news is now reported first on Social Media. It’s also a great way to build your network, find a job and keep everyone in your network up-to-date as to what’s going on in your life. Social Media is making the world a much smaller place to live in and providing us with the means to instantaneously communicate with each other.

I’m constantly learning new ways to build and engage Social Media Networks and I’m using this knowledge to now help small businesses do just that, engage their networks. It can be difficult to learn all these new platforms and keep your personal information safe at the same time. Follow along on the blog and I’ll leave as many Social Media tips as I can, but only tips that are actually helping me.

Long Island Blogger

Bloomingdale's Parking LotAlthough I don’t do as much blogging as I used to about Long Island, one day I may get tired of blogging about tech and may change course and start showing off the backyard of NYC. From the Hamptons to the Belmont Racetrack and everything in between, there is so much to do that I may start blogging about it again. Everyone knows I’m a huge Mets fan and one of my favorite beaches is Long Beach but there is so much more here.

I’ve lived my whole life here and Long Island is my home. It’s changed a lot in the last 10 years and although many people from my generation have left Long Island I still get requests for updated pictures of areas around Long Island. Most who move away want to come back. If you are looking for a great long island blog check out  loving-long-island.com.

Or you can check out my small category called Long Island here…


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Don’t believe me? Check out the WayBack Internet Archive. The site has been crawled since April 21st, 2001. You can also check out my Whois listing which shows the site was registered back in November of 2000!!!