Here’s the Short Version Behind the Blog…

The blog started way back in the year 2000, as a joke. At the time only porn stars registered their names on the internet. If they could do it why couldn’t I? So for a few bucks and some web hosting, here I have been ever since.

A lot has changed since the year 2000. The Y2k bug was going to end the computer world as we knew it but never did. Hillary Clinton was starting her first term as a NY Senator (she’s been carpetbagging here for quite a while.), the Twin Towers were still standing, Google was just a baby at 2 years old, Windows 2000 was a complete flop but Microsoft made a huge comeback with Windows XP and Apple was just starting to make a comeback with Steve Jobs back at the helm introducing his new iMac Flavors line.

The Blogs Theme

I have always struggled with the blogs theme but it usually seems to revolve around the theme of discussing changing technology. I may have been part of the very last generation to have a computer free childhood and can really appreciate what has been lost to the generations after me.

Despite all the changes surrounding the tech world and now social media, here I have been ever since. I’m just one of a small but proud group of independent bloggers who believes the internet should always be free and unregulated, a place where we are not subjected to the whims of large multinational social media platforms that want you to pay for exposure, algorithms designed to limit your exposure or even an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) that decides who is heard and who is silenced.

Online for Over 16 Years!

Yup! It’s been 16 years! Check out the WayBack Internet Archive. The site has been crawled since April 21st, 2001. You can also check out my Whois listing which shows the site was registered back in November of 2000!!! Blogging is not new, it’s been around far longer than any other social media platform.

If I know you IRL, great! If not, it’s a pleasure to have you here on the blog. I’ll be here as long as I can.