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applemac1984 The “About Me” page has always been difficult to write unless you realize that the internet first went live in 1989, the year I graduated High School. Home computers were around since the early 80’s but there were very few of us techies who took an interest in these new machines. Really it was just the “nerds”. The Apple Macintosh was the first popular computer with a Graphical Interface which I ultimately did not get a chance to own but it was widely used in my High School. My first computer was the more wildly popular IBM PS 2. I didn’t make the move to the Apple platform till around 2008 for blogging purposes. Before that the preferred method of blogging was using Microsoft Frontpage. Who remembers that? Around 2009 I moved the blog onto WordPress and more open sourced platforms.

If you want to get a feel for what the 80’s were like with very early tech watch Wargames (1983), Tron (1982) and Weird Science (1985). Before even AOL Online dialup (What’s that?) these flix’s will introduce you to a time before dial-up went mainstream and cell phones were non-existant.

The 90’s featured Computer Themed movies like “The Net” with a young Sandra Bullock (1995), “Hackers” with a young Angelina Jolie (1995), “Sneakers” (1992), and “Disclosure” (1994). Lot’s of dial-up, there was no high speed internet yet, cell phones were huge bricks  and all of this before the days of Google.

Summer 2015

Enjoying some time away from the interwebz…

Having watched, firsthand, the internet grow up alongside my own career I have a somewhat unique perspective on this thing called the World Wide Web. Most Generation X techies may relate.

Did you live through The Browser Wars? Apple vs Microsoft?

So, whether you’re a beginner on “this thing called the internet” or have been navigating the World Wide Web for quite a while like I have, here you may find helpful and useful information about new tools, apps and programs I am fooling around with.

Why Am I Here?

I’m still trying to answer that. There used to be a time where the internet was a novelty, about 20 years ago. Having your own internet domain was very rare. Now it seems like everyone has one.

Online for Over 14 Years!

Don’t believe me? Check out the WayBack Internet Archive. The site has been crawled since April 21st, 2001. You can also check out my Whois listing which shows the site was registered back in November of 2000!!! Blogging is not new, it’s been around far longer than any other social media platform.